Jevol have a range of optional accessories that can be integrated into the Jevol Roller Brake Tester. These are available when you purchase your machine or down the track if the government legislation changes and you require the additional testing equipment.

Jevol’s Tablet Computer is in my opinion the most important accessory you can add to any version of the Jevol Roller Brake Tester. The tablet computer which is fully integrated into the operating system with programmed software allows for the operator to wirelessly control the system from the cabin of the vehicle whilst performing the test. This means true one man operation instead of the need for two operators when doing this testing. This doubles down on the value of the system for the other staff member is free to do other work around the workshop.

Jevol Suspension Tester can be added to all 3t capacity systems in the Jevol range. Car Suspension testing system for vehicles up to 3t. It is a visual inspection tool for fast diagnosis of light vehicle suspension faults. It is a vibrating test that highlights if the suspension is in fact faulty. Creating valuable extra work for your workshop. It can be added to Jevol’s mobile and inground versions of the 3t capacity Roller Brake Tester.

Jevol Speedometer Tester is an addition also to the 3t capacity tester. It can test speedometers up to 130kms/hour and is accurate to 0.1 of a kilometer. It is an easy attachment to the 3t Roller Brake Tester and never needs calibration due to its simple design. Computer printable result.

Jevol Headlight alignment systems can be added to all systems and allow for accurate alignment of headlights in light and heavy vehicle. They are available in a manual or automatic version.

Jevol Exhaust Gas Analysers will analyse emissions from both diesel and petrol engines. This is available as an add on for both light and heavy versions of the Jevol Roller Brake Tester.


There are in fact the many options available to make your Jevol test lane a money making or saving machine that is invaluable to any type of workshop.


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or call David 0409 450810.