Certified vehicle hoist servicing for most makes and models:

Annual servicing of Truck and Bus vehicle hoists to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZ 2550.9. This is a requirement under the standard. At a minimum regardless of use your high risk plant must be inspected by a trained technician

Factory trained professional technicians are provided by NAES to allow the completion of the inspection.

Comprehensive industry experience of over 20 years in the industry. Allows NAES to diagnose and prevent costly maintenance problems before they happen. You service your trucks and busses to avoid problems why wouldn’t you service you truck and bus hoist?

Service interval agreements tailored to your requirements are easily arranged with NAES. The standard does state that a 12 Monthly inspection is a minimum. Higher levels of use or hoists in extreme working conditions may require more frequent service intervals to ensure its safety and reliability. You may require more frequent servicing.

Automatically generated maintenance schedules allow NAES to electronically manage your hoist compliance requirements and take the hassle out of maintaining your truck and bus hoist so you can get on with running your business and not be looking over your shoulder to see if Worksafe are coming to tag out your equipment.

Hoist relocations, major inspections & sales are another area of our service department that keep us constantly busy. Is your equipment over 10 Years old and requires a Major Inspection. Some people are not even aware that they require this under the Australian Standard. Have you found that your hoist really needs to be moved to improve the flow of your workshop and enable to you better use the space you have? We can help you with vehicle hoist positioning. Maybe the old equipment you have needs updating as it has served you well but there are different requirements in your workshop. NAES can also help here as we distribute many brands of truck and bus hoist.

Hoist repairs and fault diagnosis for our major brands gives you confidence that NAES will keep your equipment investment running and compliant for many years to come. Call or email NAES for more information.