Optional on all Jevol Roller Brake Testers are their range of PDT Hydraulic Play Detectors or “shakers” as they are often referred to in some workshops. The term shaker came from the old roadside enforcement tools that had air operated rams to move the plates on the tester to detect component play. The air control was really only off or on and was quite violent in its movement. It was often referred to as “shaking the truck” and it really was true to its word. The new play detectors are hydraulically operated and much smoother in operation. There is no need for additional jacks and they manipulate the truck to expose any component wear under in the steering or suspension area. These machines whilst optional I believe are the money makers of the system as they detect much extra chargeable work for the workshop or save you money in your fleet as you can replace components earlier and avoid costly repairs.

Jevol PDT 10-18 Tonne axle capacity Hydraulic Play Detector include the following features:

High capacity hydraulic pump for accurate component wear diagnosis.

Ultra-thin (140mm) design for easy installation.

Automatic (shaker) and manual plate override controls.

Hand held control for greater flexibility complete with torch.

Available as a mobile option to suit the mobile roller brake tester.

Jevol also manufacture computer sideslip tester which is often referred to by some of our competitors as a “wheel alignment test”. This is in fact true as a fail on the side slip tester does indicate if your vehicle requires a wheel alignment. Again it is another invaluable tool for creating work in your shop or saving you thousands of dollars in steer tyres that will unnecessarily scrub out.

The Jevol RSS 10-18t Side slip tester include the following features:

Drive through diagnosis of steer and drive axle deviation (toe-in/toe-out).

Test result displayed digitally and visually on the LCD screen.

Printable test result in centimetres per kilometer to give you a true indication of how far out the alignment is in the particular test vehicle.


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