All Roller Brake Testers must comply with AS/NZ 4613 – 1999 and NHVR regulations that require an annual calibration for ongoing accuracy of test results and weights. This can be performed by factory trained technicians at NAES. For all companies this is a requirement of the new NHVR regulations for your Roller Brake Tester to test efficiently and accurately. Existing Roller Brake Testers will lose calibration over the year and this varies depending the use of the machine and the condition. NAES are available to recalibrate your Roller Brake Tester using electronic and mechanical systems to accurately and independently make certain that your tester complies with the regulations.

Many companies do not prioritise these inspections but it is extremely important if you are a registered testing station or licensed testing agent for one of the state road authorities. You will find different regulations in most states but all authorities require at least an annual inspection

NAES’ Inspections cover the following areas:

General physical inspection of the condition of the machine. This is highly important and should be performed each day prior to use. It can identify early future long term problems with the operation of the Roller Brake Tester. This also includes cleaning of the systems so no debris or dirt can impede the operation of the tester. Inspection also looks for any broken or worn parts that may require changing.

Lubrication of moving parts is essential to the long life of the machine and all parts that require analysis and lubrication is performed during our annual calibration.

Electronic calibration of the brake force sensor using a digital force meter is performed as the main area of the calibration to keep the accuracy of the test over the coming year.

Calibration of the weight scales is performed with physical weight to match the electronic result with the physical weight. This is an essential part of the calibration as it is vital to accuracy to have the correct vehicle weights. This directly effects the brake efficiency readings.

Servicing of any other Roller Brake Tester Accessories (ie Play Detectors) is performed at calibration time to ensure the efficient performance and longevity of the equipment.