All Australian equipment is impacted by 10 year major inspection standards AS/NZ 2550.9. The hoist equipment regardless of condition or use must be given a major inspection as per manufacturers specifications. This includes full strip down of lifting components and crack testing of all load bearing structures. NAES can perform this inspection and certify your equipment for continued use.


If your Truck and Bus Lifting equipment is over 10 years old it now requires its 10 Year Major Inspection. Nobody would buy new equipment that does not comply with the Australian Standard but you need to maintain the equipment to the standard as well. Failure to do so means that your equipment does not comply to the Australian Standard and you are in a particularly vulnerable situation should you have an OH&S incident involving your equipment. With changes to the Chain of Responsibility laws this should concern you and your business.


In almost all cases this equipment has served you well and if you are reading this webpage it is likely it has now been running for over 10 years. Irrespective of use and in order to comply with the Australian Standard this equipment now requires a 10 Year Major Inspection which must be completed to the equipment manufacturer's specifications. As factory service agents many of the previous companies brands listed on this website, this ten year major inspection can be performed by NAES. 


The inspection includes:

- Complete strip down of the vehicle hoist and inspection of all components

- Replace specified load bearing components as per manufacturers specificatons

- Replace damaged and worn components 

- Non Destructive Crack testing of all load bearing structures and welds

- Refit and re certify the equipment for safe continued use including a 10 Year Inspection compliance plate.


Failure to perform this 10 year inspection by definition leaves your equipment non compliant as per the Australian Standard. Once completed the equipment is then ready for another 10 years service and only requires annual inspections. Should you have an incident using non compliant equipment in your workshop you may have a serious Chain of Responsibility issue. If you would like a quotation on this inspection or more information do not hesitate to phone or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. NAES directly.