NAES and Italian suppliers VAMAG bring you the best in Wheel Alignment technology. The Vamag truck and bus aligner utilises existing and future technology to deliver a quality product at an affordable price. Available for Truck and Bus applications allowing you to capitalise on the opportunity that Wheel Alignment can deliver to your workshop.

Vamag AM 2003-T-BT 8CCD Standard Bus and Truck Wheel Aligner has the following features:


  • Latest technology using solid-state accelerometric sensors for highest reliability.
  • Very low power consumption using standard battery pack for longer battery duration and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Information transmission using wireless heads. Bluetooth connection back to the computer system eliminating connect cables.
  • Fast and accurate for very quick check and adjustment procedures to reduce service costs.
  • Software-supported self calibration check with automatic alert. System runs of standard windows 7/8/10 operating system
  • Connection cable back up if required.
  • Instant all-in-one parameter acquisition and display with user-selectable single axle or single wheel display for precise and accurate adjustments.
  • Suitable for audit, wheel alignment adjustment, chassis check, etc. to suit repair shops of different kinds eg mechanical shops, tyre shops and body shops.
  • Optional bars for trailer axle / chassis alignment.
  • Comes with 4 X Standard clamp. ø 13”-25”. (car / truck version) and 2 X Steel turntables
  • Optional superfast wheel hanging clamps for high volume workshops requiring quick vehicle changeover.

Optional Equipment also available for the truck and bus industry:


Vamag Kit R+T for the alignment of Trailer Axle and Chassis Alignment including the following equipment:


Bar for trailer axle alignment complete with CCD.

Trailer axle alignment bar to check typical axle angles on truck trailers or semi-trailers by using the KIT-R as alignment reference bar:

  • To be used for trailer and semi-trailer check
  • To be fixed on the pivot or on the trailer rudder


Bar for trailer chassis alignment complete with CCD.

Chassis alignment bars with magnets to check the chassis alignment on truck trailers or semi-trailers by using the KIT-T- as alignment reference bar:

  • Magnets to be fixed to the trailer main rail