NAES are the proud exclusive distributors of the Jevol Light Commercial Brake Roller Tester to Australian workshops. This is the best value Light Commercial Roller Brake Tester on the market in Australia. Fully NHVR compliant. Due to a huge response NAES are developing an increasing number of users Australia wide who are now seeing the benefits of the Jevol Roller Brake Tester. You can have your business roller brake testing for as little as $16/Day*

Systems for Light Commercials Vans and small trucks 3t per Axle capacity which will cover aq large range of light commercial vehicles.

The systems come with WiFi Connectivity which enables easy downloads for system updates, factory support and database connectivity. All systems come in Mobile and in-ground versions this gives you the flexibility of being able to install in-ground if you prefer at your new or existing site or the capability if you wish to have a moveable unit of the mobile system. This is particularly useful if you are in a leased premises and still want your business to be fully NHVR Compliant. All new machines have Automatic test lane procedure and single axle testing for compliance with the new NHVR Regulations.

The Roller Brake Testers are manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Industry Standards. AS/NZ 4613 – 1999 and comply with this directive.

Systems come standard with Digital and Analogue displays via LCD Monitor for axle weights, visual braking force, efficiency, imbalance and ovality/drag results. Giving you not only compliance but diagnostic information for each vehicle you test. Detailed printout of results including separate weighbridge ticket.

Optional “Shaker” Play detector and “Wheel Alignment” Side Slip Tester available for both versions. Optional tablet computer giving true “One Man” operation of a test.


For more comprehensive information and pricing contact NAES on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
call David 0409 450810.
*Conditions apply.